The Voice of Seven Thunders​


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A call to the hoary head:  Lift up thy voice like a trumpet!

Episode 7

One of the great failures in the history of man is the government run educational system.  We uncover why it can never be healed.

Episode 6

The LGBT community has invoked the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s to help forward their agenda.  Examine with us the verity of their appeal.

Episode 5

We want the women of the world to be liberated, from the oppressive force of the feminist agenda.  After listening to this podcast, we think you’ll agree.

Episode 4

Prejudice and bigotry have been a part of the social fabric since the foundation of this country.  In what way has racism hurt us all?

Episode 3

Grace and judgement are not mutually exclusive.  We hope to convince you of this truth, and uncover the secrets of your heart.

Episode 2

After one of the most dramatic election cycles in American political history, we explore the Biblical position for a deeply divided nation.

Episode 1

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